Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Letter to a friend.....

Did I get my veggies? Are you joking? No, not courgettes (I've got home-frozen ones in the freezer and it isn't hot veggie weather). I came back from the macolet with the following:

In Tonto's tray under the seat:

2 or 3 or 4 (forget) litres of fresh orange juice. Not made from concentrated & water but fresh pasteurised. 2 tins of chickpeas. 3 tins of champignon mushrooms (a pack of 3 on special) (NO, NOT THAT pack of 3!). 2 tins of sliced mushrooms. 2 tins of tiny garden peas. (all tins for use cold in salads). Forget what else. Oh yes, 2 jars of the speshullist mayo in the world. And a kilo bag of carrots balanced somehow.

On one arm of Tonto. A bag with 6 peaches. Ditto with 6 nectarines. On other arm. Ditto with 6 huge plums. Ditto with ton of vine cherry toms.

Front little basket. 12 assorted yogs. And something else - forget.

On footrest - with my legs sort of draped over them. One bag with 2 large white cabbages. Ditto with 2 massive caulis. Bags held on by bungee cord looped over steering wotsit.

And balanced on Lexie (who was on my lap), the steering wotsit, and the basket was a pack of 48 bogrolls.

Don't forget, Tonto is a very TINY little scooter, the sort that folds up and fits into a car boot.

Drove home VERY s l o w l y, holding on the bogrolls with one hand and steering and driving with the other. Mind you, it was only across the little road and down my ramp. Put key in door, open door slightly and put key in inside of door.

Problem. Front door isn't proper front door width. It's interior door width. Come to think of it, it IS an interior door. I had the doorframe moved and the new door so that it opens outwards to make life easier, and the sort of step up into the house is now an ickle slope up.
So I have to drive round the patio until I am facing dead on to the door, and go whoooosh into the house.

Problem. Narrow doorway plus bags on each arm equals a bit dodgy. Bog rolls fell off in front on Tonto. HELLUP HELLUP HELLUP. Sat having hysterics. Laf laf laf.

Then one of the bags on the footrest rolled off and the leg that was resting on it went flop down and caused even more width to get through a narrow doorway.

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Eventually got in. Got stuff put away. Luckily I have a humungous fridge as all fruit and veggies live in the fridge. Opened cupboard in back room to put tins away and one that was inside jumped out and hit my foot. Sod it.

OMIGAWD. I forgot to buy apples.

Right - well, you DID ask if I got my veggies.....................


  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Purplegimp said…

    It's freaking about time you posted here again. Now, go out and get some apples before I bring you some!!


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